Hee hee hee! Our human did a goofy thing. An old guy friend (he's like 82) said that after meeting us at Thanksgiving, he had a dream he was mushing along with a team of huskies. So our hu-mom saat at the computer thingy for a long time playing with photos and laughed to herself alot. Then she sent this to our friend. She hopes he likes it! We do.


Still no snow....but it rained & rained & rained & rained. The yard is flooded. The kennel is flooded. The road to the dog park is flooded out. Guess we'll just sleep. Sherman, your butt makes a nice soft pillow."


A New Year...maybe this will be the year our human figures out this blogger business so we can meet more huskies and other interesting folk here in cyber-space. So far, this winter has been a total bust. NO SNOW. None, nada, zip. This just ain't right. So we have adapted by learning to become couch-potatoes. Not a bad life, but it does get boring. So I'm playing with my squeekies and Sherman is snoring. Maybe it's time to do a snow-dance to hasten the white stuff. Wooooo-woooooo... wooooo-woo-woooooo! Stomp those paws!