Jack's Turkey Day Joke

Recycling the pics, but Jack has a brand new joke:

Jack's Joke of the Day: 

Why do pilgrims always look stern?
I don't know, Jack....
why do pilgrims look so stern?

....because they're pilgrims, 
not pilgrins, woo silly pup!

Ha-woo woo woo!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Ghosts of Halloween Past

We just got back from Petco where everyone fussed over them, and then we walked down to my store and Moo was just overjoyed at all the petting and fussing going on over her.  she is such a ham!
Now we're home, waiting for the trick-or-treaters to arrive.

Now, we present the Ghosts from Halloween Past:

2012 Moo and 2008 Jack

2011 - our favorite

Jack's best Werewolf impersonation:
"Oh no!  Help me!" Moo cries out.... NOT!

 a vintage post of Star really not lliking the whole costume thing:

and a much tamer post from last year:

Hope woo have fun celebrating- and be safe!

Jack a-roo & Miss Moo


View from the Moo: Almost the end of summer....

... and that means Husky Weather will be back!  Woo-Hoo!

Finally, a new View from the Moo after many, many weeks without a post.   Pardon me, but I still haven't mastered typing without thumbs....

In the meanwhile, the Pawrents have been busy as bees around here.  

Dad installed more new windows and re-sided the back of the house...

Mom trimmed hedges for hours....

and we snoopervised their work from the back deck.  

Jack found a shady corner...

I rested in my usual manner.

What?  Woo don't think this looks comfy?
Well, it IS!
 I reccommend trying it sometime.  just prop your head on something that won't move,  nestle your cheek just right, and tuck your ear back.  Its refreshing!

And that's the View from the Moo--

Miss Moo


Break time!

Ha-woo!   Its Mom's Cake & ice cream day and she doesn't have to go to work!
Mom says we can't post how many candles she has on her cake, but its enough to set the house on fire, ha-woo woo woo!

The rains of Arthur have ceased (we got 3.25 inches on the 4th), and last night's neighborhood fireworks are over.  Its a beawootiful, cool day and the whole pack is gonna all hang out together today - woo-hoo!

Dad has been furry busy building decks & stairs & stuffs..... Good work, Dad!

Mom's been busy painting.  Here's what see's been working on recently.  And she's been furry busy teaching painting classes this summer!  (the top 2 just fur fun & the other 3 are for lessons.)

And we've been furry busy snoopervisig it all...
Hey, wait a minute!  Woo got us on our coffee breaks - no fair.
In fact, its been enhausting looking after our peeps.

We are a hard-working breed and proud of our hard work!
and we're looking furward to some cake & treat rewards later today!

Have a happy, hard-working day!
~Jack A-roo & Miss Moo


Dad-a-roo Day View from the Moo

Hope every Dad-a-roo had a great Dad Day!    
(We were busy all day so we didn't post)

Mom got a couple shots of us late in the day after all the activities were done 
(we went out walking & delivering stuff to friends while Dad put the finishing 
touches on the new crown molding he put up in the living room)

I was grumpy (cause Mom wouldn't stop brushing me and I had to go hide in the hallway)

Jack was being adorable...

and Dad was goofy.
It happens sometimes.

And that was the View from the Moo on Dad-a-Roo Day!

Miss Moo

PS:  I almost furgot!  Mom spottted a crane flying overhead when we were walking and it landed on the roof of a house on the next block - the pics are a little fuzzy, but we could see him on the roof through the trees!  Pretty cool, huh?


View from the Moo- Sunday Snoopervising

Ha-woo everyone!    
Unlike the past 48 hours of doom & gloom, the weekend had fabulous weather!  Mom took us fur a photoshoot at 7 am cause she said it was really good "morning light".  Whatever!  I slept during most of the drive.   

She stopped on the other side of the island at a cove she is planning to use for a painting.    I snoopervised out the window as she ran up & down the road snapping pictures.

Jack snoopervised out the other side window, keeping an eye out for traffic so she didn't get run over.   Those humans, ya just gotta watch out for them!

Then she took us fur a walk on the rocky beaches at Brenton's Point.  It was low tide, so there was plenty of good-sniffin stuff around!    We heard a lot of squawking and headed to the lower beach....

The gulls were enjoying a quiet Sunday morning without the usual crowds of tourists...

Along with them was a duck, a cormorant sunning its wings,
 and this beawootiful white heron.
All in all, it was a furry "Serene Sunday",  to borrow a phrase from our furiends over at the Ao4!

When we got home, we all took a nice long nap!
And that's the View from the Moo-

Miss Moo


God Bless our Veterans!

Remembering our Grandads, Dads, Uncles, Brothers,  Cousins, & Friends  in our family circle who served & continue to serve in our military proudly to keep our country free, and bring freedom and hope to those in other countries as well.  

Pat & JoJoe
and Jack & Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: looking back...

We had this great post planned fur the Monday after Mother's Day, 
but Mom says she's been "really busy" and hasn't had time to post.
We're not buying it, but, what do we know?  
We're just "dogs".....*snicker snicker*

 Mother's Day, Dad taking pics of Mom
(notice how I got his attention away from Mom?)

We all went for a wonderful walk at Brenton's Point.  
We haven't been there fur ages!

Jack, looking handsome.

Jack & me,  lookin' goooood!

A "dad & me" moment:

Me, busy tracking sea-smells

Mom Day photo op:  at the Memorial bench that says "Jack" on it

And "smile fur the camera", one more time....

OK, Jack.  
I think we fulfilled out photo contract,  lets get back to business!
So much to sniff!!

And that is this week (or two's) 
View from the Moo!

Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Jack's so clever!

Ha-roo everyone!  Hope your easter Day was relaxing and full of good stuff.  We got tasty tastes from the yummy dinner mom made fur our pack & our friends.  Mr. & Mrs.  Easter Bunny stayed out of our yard, though, which was probably wise on their part!

Well, Jack has been busy destroying cones.  He's getting really good at it!  
The original cone (pictured below)  fell victim to his repeated attempts at rampaging thru the pine trees and bushes....
Mom & dad came home from a trip to the store and found its remnants dangling from his collar.  Mom found more pieces out in the yard under the pines.

Next, Mom tried this dandy jet-fighter headgear designed specifically for eye protection.  
Jack threw himself on the ground and did somersaults till he could get a paw under the strap and yank it off.   Mom & dad tried again the next day, but by then, Jack had figured out how to swipe it right off his head.  Then mom tied it to his collar, and he got out of it and his collar!

Here he is in was Cone of Shame #2.  This one lasted about 24 hours before he cracked it in several places by ramming his way thru the dog door.
Dad patched it up with packing tape.   The process had to be repeated about 6 hours later for Jack's newest set of cracks.  Mom says that at this rate, she will have to duck-tape the whole thing to make it last till his Thursday vet visit.  

Anyone care to bet on the odds that he'll be out of it long before Thursday?

I'll keep woo posted....
And that's this week's veiw from the Moo!

Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Jack-in-a-Cone

Ha-woo everyone!   It's me, Miss Moo,  with this week's veiw from the Moo.

Jack had surgery to remove a cyst from his lower eyelid that has been really pesky for the past year.  Now he has to wear a cone.... for the next 2 weeks!!!   He's trying hard to be P-A-T-I-E-N-T with the whole situation, but once in a while he goes bananas.

I'm trying hard to hod it together here..... but a dog only has so much patience.....

...and I think I'm getting to the end of mine!!!!

Whiel Jack was busy getting fixed, Mom & I went to the Windmill Pond and visited the windmill
(here I am not looking at mom in front of the windmill)

 and we visited the ducks.  I think the guy with the red head needs the 
same surgery as Jack - his whole face was covered in bumps!
 Then mom stopped at the petting zoo to see the new babies.
Awwwwww,.... they're so cute!
I had to stay in the car while mom took these shots.
cute babies!

Welcome to our yard

these babies are just like Siberians- black & white lambies!

 WE had a furry lovely day.   But I'm glad to have my brofur back.  Mom won't let me drag him around with the cone on his head, so I try to stay occupied with other things, like digging.
How can woo tell I've been digging, Mom?
Well, that's about it for this weeks View from the Moo.

Miss Moo


Monday's View from the Moo: Play time!

ha-woo everyone!

This past weekend was lovely outside.  After 3 days of rain, it was dry & warm enough to make you believe Spring is finally here!   Mom is home with us for another week while she gets her hurty-paw healed from surgery, so we all spent time outside together.   Even dad joined us & helped with poop-scoop duty (there's a first time fur everything, ha-woo woo woo!)

Mom took some pics of our blooms:
The daffys are starting to bloom (these are the minis)

 and our mini-iris are bloomiing, too.  Our Garden Lion loves his own personal iris!

 Jack was lovin' the sun, it made him all sleepy-eyed

Now we can't have him falling asleep on such a great day for zoomies 
& Sibe Smack-downa, now can we?

So I "fixed" the situation by inviting him to play.
I love to pull on his legs when he's being a slug!

See.... it worked!   Ha-woooo!
and that's the view from the Moo!
I hope all of woo have a great week.

Miss Moo