"Show Us Your Treat Jar" TODAY!

Belated good morning, everyone,

Mom FORGOT she had to work today, hence, the lateness of our post.    
Just sayin', it HER fault. NOW, on to the treat jar day posts---

 Here I am, strolling in from outside.  
Mom put our treat jar down low, attempting to get 
both of us & the Treat Jar in the same shot....

Obviously that did not happen.   
Instead, Miss Moo stubbornly refused to stand by the treat jar, 
and I got BOTH treats, ha-roo!

Extra-special treats (for both dogs & humans) are kept up in the cupboard.... 

...which sometimes calls for some intense staring to 
conjure the magic treats to float down.....
Also, leave us a post here and we'll link to woo
and enter woo in a drawing to receive one of
Mom's (Pawspainter) hand-painted ornaments!

Husky love, and thanks fur pawticipating!
Jack a-roo & Miss Moo

Drop by our furiends to see their treat jars, too!
(mom will check on & off & link any new posts)

Mitch & Molly
The Five Sibes
Susie & Sidebite
Gracie & Shatzie


Who Gives A Hoot?

Mom painted this young hoot owl last weekend, she calls it "Who Gives A Hoot".    She's entered him in the Thalo Magazine Cover Contest - would woo please "give a hoot" and vote fur her "Who Gives A Hoot" painting?  She'd win more art supplies & some green papers to getsome yummy treats fur us, too!

Speaking of TREATS, don't furget that this Saturday is 
Post a photo of woo with your treat jar/bag/box/ or place where your treats get stashed, and encourage your human to donate a box of treats to their local shelter....  " Because every furkid deserves a treat!"

Leave us a message that woo are pawticipating, and we'll put links to posts on our blog, and enter your names in a drawing to win a unique hand-painted ornament from our mom!   Now do woo "give a hoot"?   Ha-roo roo roo!

~Jack A-roo, Miss Moo, & Hootie-Who


Where do you keep YOUR treats?

Woos & A-roos to yous,
I have a question fur woo....
Do woo know where your treats come from?
Sure, we all get them handed to us by our peeps.... or flipped, tossed, dropped..whatever.
I decided to track down just where my tasty treats come from...

I find tasty tid-bits outside in the grass sometimes....
maybe that's where mom & dad get them...

I looked all around outside the house: in my mole traps, in critter holes, under my doghouse, sniffed  between the deck boards.... no, not here.    I found a suspicious package in the recycle bin and took it outside to inspect it further, but it was just an empty box of peep treats....

Then mom & dad-a-roo brought all kinds of bags into the house.
I could smell those delicious treats....
just gotta figure out which bag....

Ha-wooo!   I think I struck paydirt!
Just as I was about to carry them off....

Mom swooped in and took them away!!!
Oh where, oh where have my tasty treats gone?

To find out, join us for our annual
On October 27th!
Post a picture of where your treats are kept
(doesn't matter if its jars, bags, boxes, or "other")
encourage your human to donate a box of treats 
to your local pet shelter....
because every furkid deserves a treat.
 Woo can post this badge on your bloggie to show woo are pawticipating!
Let us know & we'll link to all the Treat Jar bloggies that day.

Leave us a message that woo are joining our event, 
and we'll enter woo into a drawing fur a hand-painted ornament  made by our mom, Pawspainter!

Toodle-woo, and A-roos to Yous!
Jack & Moo


The View from the Moo: Pumpkins!

Hello everyone,  it time for the View from the Moo!
Mom took us walking at the Windmill Park, I guess the geese 
missed us cause they put up quite a racket!
And guess what we found!  
A beawootiful pumpkin patch, right there in the flower bed! 
Jack liked this one, it was a beawooty!   
He was furry careful not to damage it, it must be 
being saved for someone special.

There were beawootiful nasturtiums growing around the pumpkins, too.

I waited over by the fence, taking in the view.

The garden gate had these really cool beans growing
up over it.  Unusual, but it kind of "grows" on woo, ha-roo roo roo!

Well, I think woo can tell by my expression how much 
I enjoyed our trip to the park!

 ....and that's this week's view from the Moo!

Miss Moo