Turning back the clock

A-roos to yous, Jack here. Well, its that time of year, when the humans partake of yet another ritual we just don't get. They change the time. They "fall" back an hour today. This means that when we want our breakfast at 7 am, it will be 6 am. Which means mom won't get up until 8 am, which will be 7 am, so she thinks breakfast is on time. But, we know that its really an hour late. Follow that? Harumph! Neither do we.
Thought we'd "turn back the clock" for our blog post today. Here's a few pictures from this same weekend last year:

Tori had just arrived from Ohio:

I impressed her with my stylish sleepy pawsition:
I showed her our nice igloos & straw:
We took her to the ocean and we played on the rocks:
And we spent time sitting with dad near one of the lighthouses while the sun set.
Woosers, that seems so long ago! I hope Tori can see these from the RB and remembers the great time we had together, brief as it was. Looking at these made Mom leak, but smile, too. (No pics of Moo, she didn't join the pack till the end of January, 2010.)

We also want to let woo know that the *SOS SRF (Save Our Siberians) is starting their fall auction tonight at 9pm! There's lots of cool stuff, mostly related to Siberians in some way. There is even stuff made from our spun fur! Mom is donating a set of cards made from her artwork to the auction, too. Its always fun to take part in, and it helps with medical costs for injured rescued Sibes. Paws crossed the auction is a big success!

a-roos to yous, and toodle-woo!
jack a-roo & miss moo


The Thundering Herd said...

It is good to see Tori's smile - as we know she is smiling from the Bridge and thanking you for all of the love in her short time with you.

P.S. - Who cares what the humans do? We pounced on them at the "normal" time.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

My mom is smiling and making THOSE faces as well in seeing the beaWOOtiful Tori -

I'm sure she was furry impressed with woo and told Sherman and Star how nice woo were to her!

How pawesome of your mom to donate some stuff to the aukhtion - we've gotten stuff from that one in the past!

PeeEssWoo: I'm going to have to share all the posts about Sibes that wake up their pawrents to remind Mom how pawesome it is that I don't wake her up - maybe I should even negotiate some extra nap time!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We made sure to get the Momster up at the regular weekday time, even if it IS Sunday and even if the clocks were turned back - she wasn't too happy with us, but we were hungry!

Great idea of posting about the clock turning back - wish we had thought of it too.

Happy Sunday.

Woos~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

How Sam Sees It said...

Nice smiles everyone has, and wonderful memories!


Teddy Westlife said...

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

FiveSibesMom said...

Harley decided 3:30 AM (which was really 4:30 AM) was a really good time to be wide awake and ask to go out this morning! The rest of the pack could care less, but of course with her up, they (reluctantly) got up too! Playtime at 3:30...yawn. What a sweet stroll down Memory Lane you gave us - Tori was beautiful. Sorry she is no longer with you. I'm sure she is watching over you all from across the Rainbow Bridge. They are beautiful pics. Hope your Hu-family gets some shuteye tonight!